About us

Grounded is a 100% volunteer-run collective with a focus on sustainability and social awareness embracing the alternative and non-commercial scene of Utrecht and its surroundings.

Grounded connects people to celebrate a tangible sustainable culture. We are a diversely skilled community, driven by the common goal of regenerating our social and ecological system. Grounded is a community that stimulates connection, competence and autonomy by giving people the opportunity to create value-based initiatives. At Grounded, we engage people with culture and empower them to co-create projects surrounding food, education and art. Together we can have fun, without causing harm.

About us

Why? What? How?

Why? The people at Grounded have realized that the transition to a sustainable society is something we can start together, today.  That’s why we started to creatively put our skills together and create and regenerative culture. Just as givenan ecosystem, this diversity creates more adaptiveness and stability. At Grounded we’re an open community, meaning that everyone can join. Together we celebrate and create a valuable and fulfilling life. We believe that sustainability enriches culture.

What? Grounded is a connector that helps motivated individuals and groups to practical projects, job opportunities, and research. Want to see what we’re up to soon? Then go check out our social media channels.

Through positive, innovative and creative ideas we’re having fun creating a sustainable society. So far it has giving us more well-being, and the possibility of a brighter future.

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Be Part of Grounded

Do you want to get involved with Grounded and help us make the festival happen next year? You can apply as a festival volunteer to become part of the team and earn a free festival ticket! We need help in our deco team, the build-up, the build-down, and of course during the festival. There are also some positions open in our organizational team. Feel free to reach out to us.

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Safer Spaces


At Grounded, we want to acknowledge and actively address our role in harmful systems of domination such as sexism, racism, and other forms of structural discrimination. This is why we set up an awareness concept for the festival.

At the awareness point, you can get information on such issues and delve into conversations through games and exercises. In case something goes wrong, awareness volunteers are there to guide affected persons to a safe space where they can talk about what happened.

Call out sexism, homophobia, racism, transphobia, and all other violent behavior when you witness it. Don’t hesitate to reach out when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Spread your empathy and positive energy. We are the party.


The Yummie Stuff

Food is one of the cornerstones at Grounded. We have an extensive network of producers andsuppliers of local, sustainable food. We are proud of what our local ground has to offer and love to exhibit this in different ways at our events. Besides eating and serving delicious dishes and drinks, we also offer education about the products.

Grounded is working on an independent kitchen for dinner evenings, cooking classes and workshops about sustainable food. We are also looking to create a suitable local store with fresh and preservable products. 

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Our Home

Fort Lunet I

Our homebase Fort Lunet 1 is the pumping heart of our collective. Here you are invited all year round for various experiences surrounding the topics of regeneration, art, food, and music.

Through constant development of the place with the power of our community, we are continuously transitioning the 200 year old fort into a unique space for creative development and self expression.

You are invited to visit us at our or just drop by to say hello. We are always happy to meet new people who want to get involved in our projects. So when this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to contact us.

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