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At Grounded Festival you can be sure to get blown off your feet. Expect art that makes you think, feel, wonder and experience. Expect multitudinous ways in which your senses shall be stimulated.

Felipe Von Dobschütz-da Silva

Felipe Von Dobschütz-da Silva, artist and Grounded art coordinator, explores the physicality of craftsmanship and the dreamlike capabilities of technology. With influences from science, engineering and the contemporary bohemian culture he constructs interactive multisensory experiences to exhibit the psychedelic nature of reality.

Inspired by makers and artists like Adam Savage and Martin Molin he reaches for various disciplines and the communities around them to find beautiful ideas and remix them into concepts that collectively break the mundane. Ever since he was a child he has been fascinated by the endless oscillation of relationships and collaboration. Growing up around theater, fine arts and music bands, he found his place as an undertaker and facilitator between different artforms, skills and people. He wholesomely believes that mindful collaboration gives way to a sum that exceeds its parts, with excellence that grows through every interaction.

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Mindsweeper Project

The Mindsweeper Project from Germany is joining us once more with their illuminating and mesmerizing decoration around the festival. Already at our first edition, their psychedelic DIY style decoration was exhibited throughout the festival and gave Grounded Festival 2019 its unique touch.

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Mina Panjković

Come and experience Mina Panjković’s exhibition in the bunker during Grounded Festival.
Experiencing camera obscura as a young girl led her onto a journey of wonder. Photography and film opened many doors through which she could see the world as a magical network of the unknown, while the connection with nature and its observation became her inspiration.

“ The sunlight we feel today is about 30.000 years old, created at the height of the last ice age, that now gives us life, vision, color, energy... “

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Pieter Mourik - "Q-Kumba"

Bizarre, atypical, unconventional. Three different words with exactly the same meaning. Do these words refer to Mr Cucumber's work? We don't know. We do know he illustrates silly faces and surreal, fantastical landscapes.

Mind Twitch - Lucid Dream

The world as we know it is transcending; those who have accessed the higher states of awareness are starting to awaken to their true potential and their mission on this planet. Those homecomings to one's most authentic self are powerful, moving, and deliciously magical as they take place in the realm of conscious dreaming, where any thought can be manifested into matter.

The “Lucid Dream” is a show exploring the limitations of the mind and body as openings to a state of being from which the purest creativity, artistic expression, inspiration & change flows. It is a mixed-art immersive show, which incorporates circus art (particularly object manipulations), movement, costumes, and interactive media art, all brought together with a story that starts with this enchantment: “Open your eyes, enter the dream... meet self”.

Jonvobi - Selections of Works

Julia von Buch a.k.a. JONVOBI is a German illustrator based in Utrecht. Besides illustration, she experiments with tattooing, printmaking, mural work and painting on furniture, clothing and canvas. Her inspiration stems from real life, philosophy and feminism, with a focus on her own experiences. The aim of her work is to make the viewer question their own reality and consider that of others around them - because communication is our only hope for a society that is critical and empathic at the same time.

Karenina van den Crommenacker - "Little Phenomena"

The life of a modern human revolves around one’s own existence. We humans have created boundaries to separate ourselves from nature, living within walls and cities. We perceive each other and the world around us through screens, the content of which is directed by us. It is hard for us to see beyond our human-centred life.

Little Phenomena will challenge the way you experience the world around you by exploring the wonders of everyday life using a microscope. Using animated microscopical footage Little Phenomena creates a hyperfocus that provides you an escape from this human-centred mindset which allows you to just be, marvel, and absorb. Collaboration with Kim Leunen & Niels Vermeulen

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Kerim Safa x
Roel Weerdenburg

Kerim Safa (b. 1985, Izmir, Turkey) is a visual artist and musician based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He creates conceptual pixel art pieces by exploring complex visual mechanisms derived from the iterations of simple motions. He adopts a manually crafted minimalist pixel aesthetic influenced by early computer graphics, pointillism and generative art approaches. Music, machinery, and nature are the primary inspirations for his visual work. His works have been exhibited in numerous international festivals and he is also active in the crypto art scene since 2020.

In this exhibition, a selection of pixel animations created between 2020-2021 will be displayed in an audiovisual installation using various CRT monitors, in collaboration with Roel Weerdenburg. Roel is a sonic designer and visual artist who’s audio/visual installations are mainly focused on the repurposing, adapting, re- and upcycling of old electronic equipment.

Agnes Weber & Felipe VDDS - The Hive

Bringing the concept of a circular economy to life via an immersive experience in collaboration with media-artist Felipe von Dobschütz-da Silva.The hexagon consists of an open platform that can be filled with a variety of themed objects (e.g. plants, waste materials). The structure is mounted, so viewers can experience the landscape at eye-level by placing their heads within the terrarium-like structure.

A complimentary 360° audio experience is then designed to reinforce the theme using built-in speakers on the side panels. What's more, the roof of the structure consists of a plate featuring a laser-cut Fibonacci sequence - a pattern that can be widely observed in nature and serves as a reminder of the connectedness between nature and circular systems.

Myrtle Swchwrm - Doodly Doodles

Myrtle Swchwrm is an Utrecht based doodle artist, theatre designer, fabric fanatic, singer and writer. Her drawings are a way to connect to the world and reflect on herself as she draws with her subconscious 
(because it’s no fun if you already know what you’re drawing beforehand). The result is these strange characters full of self loathing and anxiety but always with a twist of hope and comedy.  ‘You’re just always drawing yourself’ She has recently picked up animation and plans to start tattooing her doodles in the near future.

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